Why does my chimney need sweeping?

Chimneys need to be clean and clear to allow a free flow of combustion gases and soot from your fire. Regular sweeping will remove soot, birds nests, cobwebs and any other blockages that may occur. Sweeping will reduce the chances of a chimney fire, smoke escaping into the room and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Sweeping will also increase the efficiency of some appliances.

How often does my chimney need sweeping?

Smokeless fuel: At least once a year
Wood: Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal: Quarterly when in use
Oil: Once a year
Gas: Once a year

Will sweeping my chimney make a mess?

I believe that once a sweep is complete not only should the inside of your flue or chimney be clean and ready to use but the methods I use also ensure that your fireplace and property is left as clean as I find it. I use the latest methods of sweeping to ensure the best results for your chimney.

There is a birds nest in my chimney, what should I do?

You should not use your fire whilst the birds nest in in the chimney. Buy the time you want you light your fire the bird will have left the nest. Then the nest can be removed and a bird guard fitted to your chimney.

I have all the latest equipment to remove these nests and will also pass a camera up the entire length of the chimney to make sure it is completely clear.

What causes smoke to come into the room?

There are various reasons why this happens. There could be an air pressure issue where the wind blows in a certain direction. Your chimney pot may not be at a suitable height, or the ventilation within the room may be inadequate. Cold chimneys may also need to be warmed up before they work well.

What is a chimney cowl?

A Chimney cowl is fitted to the top of a chimney to prevent birds from coming down your chimney, a chimney cowl can direct smoke out of the top more efficiently and stop the fire from smoking unnecessarily into the room. Chimney cowls can be fitted to solid fuel fires and gas fires.


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