It is important to burn dry, seasoned wood to ensure your fire is efficient, economic, and as environmentally friendly as possible. For the latest advice on what to burn and more importantly using your fire correctly visit the '' website by clicking the logo above to help save you money, reduce the risk of fires and help reduce air pollution.

What Wood to Burn

Hardwood is best in your stove because it burns slower, therefore gives out more heat for longer per log. The density of softwood is around half that of hardwood which results in it burning twice as fast, meaning you will need twice as much!

Unseasoned or damp wood releases much less heat when burnt because a lot of the energy is wasted removing the water. The smoke created from this doesn’t burn in the wood burner or fireplace, therefore when it goes up your chimney it sticks to the sides causing your chimney to tar up.

You can dry your wood in a wood store or you can buy seasoned logs from your supplier. Your wood should contain no more than 20% moisture.


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